Building a Portfolio (Week 1)

Hey everyone,

We’re excited to announce our June topic! This month we’re going to be stepping back from looking at specific industries and stocks, and instead go deep into the best ways to build a portfolio, including an overview of concepts like asset allocation and risk management. We at Dynalect have already laid out a general set of investing principles that we adhere to, but over the next month we’re going to make some more specific goals and strategies for ourselves in preparation for the turn of the quarter at the end of this month, when we’ll be restructuring our company portfolio and making it more transparent, and for the anticipated economic tides over the coming year.

We’re excited to have you along for the ride with us! In lieu of formal reports made up in PDFs this month, we’re going to be putting out a lot of other resources, including beefing up the static pages on our site and building surveys and information designed to give more personal recommendations to you about how to use your money best.

You can already check out some of our work on our new page about asset types. Look for more site updates over the coming week!

A Rising Tide: The Future of Clean Water (Week 3)

For the past three weeks, The Dynalect Team has been extensively researching the water purification industry. This research has been extremely thorough, involving data analysis, interviews with professionals, and a detailed overview and interpretation of all identified trends.

Throughout this process, we have recorded all of the publically traded companies that are in any way related to the water purification industry. A list of the companies’ names and stock symbols is below:

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A Rising Tide: The Future of Clean Water (Week 1)

We were hard at work this week and we’re happy to present the first installment of our investigation into clean water: a brief overview of the science of sustainable water treatment and the economic and environmental outlook of water access and scarcity.

Stay tuned for our ongoing installments in the next few weeks, including interviews with industry experts and in-depth reviews of specific companies and technologies. Our final report on this topic will be published May 24th.

Week 1 (PDF)

The Dynalect Strategy

Here at Dynalect, we’ve spent the last few months developing and fine-tuning a unique investing strategy that combines strong elements from a variety of investing traditions to create a stable and profitable buy and hold portfolio optimized for young investors. Investing can be a hard game to play, especially for first-time participants, but we’re committed to doing the heavy lifting for you so that you can go straight to the enjoyable part of watching your money grow.

For the sake of transparency, we’d like to take a moment before moving forward to summarize the main pillars of our strategy and to provide an account of a few upcoming structural changes affecting the way we publish reports.

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