About Dynalect

Dyna-, from Greek δύναμις, is a prefix connoting power or change, giving rise to the English words “dynasty,” “dynamic,” and “dynamite.” In linguistics, the suffix -lect is used to describe a unique form of language that is distinct to an individual or community, and a marker of identity or insider status.

Dynalect is the marriage of these two ideas, referring to the ever-changing vernacular of culture and technology as the world moves forward. At Dynalect we embody this term, keeping abreast of the latest changes in science, society, and the economy and relaying them from the inside of the communities where innovation happens. We put you in the know in a world where knowledge is power.

Dynalect was built in 2017 out of the realization that data-driven market analysis, while important, is not nearly enough to tell the whole story or predict the next advancement of history. Recent failures in conventional statistical prediction methods, such as the worldwide astonishment at Brexit and the election of Donald Trump, have demonstrated that business as usual is no longer adequate when it comes to seeing ahead.

We believe that what is missing, what is these algorithms are failing to account for, is culture. Dynalect stays ahead of the curve by taking emerging cultural trends and relating them back to the stock market in a logical, creative, and analytical way.

You — the investor — are a key part of our mission. We set out to create a more holistic approach to market analysis to help you recognize and profit from unique cultural trends in a creative and engaging way.

So thanks for stopping by! We invite you to head over to the Reports Feed to have a look at our most recent work and please feel free to Contact Us anytime with questions or comments!

— The Dynalect Team