We’re Changing Shit Up

Starting a company, building a company, running a company, is hard.

But that’s old news.

For two months, The Dynalect Team has been publishing comprehensive industry reports, weekly financial blog posts, and blah blah blah blah blah.

Yeah; that’s all just typical, self-promotional noise. If we’re going to be honest, and let me tell you, we’re going to be honest, the *Dynalect Team* is really just two dudes in North Carolina and one guy in New Jersey.

Don’t get me wrong, we publish good shit. If you need proof, just look at how our stock recommendations are doing. But that’s not the focus of today’s post. I want to talk about who we really are, not what we do.

The “two dudes” on the Dynalect Team are Conor and Kristian, best friend from high school. Kristian goes to University in France because he thinks he’s fancy, or European, or something; and Conor, like myself, goes to Haverford College, an all-too-small liberal arts college right outside Philly. I met Conor at Haverford, he introduced me to Kristian, and soon after, Dynalect was started.

Anyways, we’re three college kids that are trying to start a financial company. Yes, we are smart, hard-working, insightful (and handsome), but at the end of the day, we are still three fucking college kids trying to start a financial company.

So, from now on, we’re going to publish content that is as authentic, engaging, and valuable as possible. In other words, we’re going to make sure you are always aware of the fact that we are three fucking college kids running a financial company.

To be honest, developing a strong and large base of readers for our content has been a struggle for us. Because of that, we are always working towards improving our content. 

We interviewed John Kaestle, the CEO of a company involved in water purification, started a daily live newscast on Facebook, enlisted Kristian’s professional grade marketing skills, and contacted Robinhood, a free trading platform, asking them to start a promotion for our readers that download their app.

Despite all our work, we still need your help to make our content as valuable as possible. If there’s anything you’d like us to do or change up, leave us a comment on Facebook or Twitter, email us, or send a fucking carrier pigeon to our houses. We’re very responsive to feedback.

You, the Dynalect Reader, are our top priority, and while we are always going to produce content in a way that reflects who we are, we certainly can shape the type of content we publish to meet your needs.

See ya next week,


P.S. If you’re wondering why the hell there’s a lit match as the cover image, it’s because there was nothing better to put there. Or because it’s symbolic of “a fresh start” or some shit. Idk.

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