What We Take for Granted: The Future of Clean Water

The water crisis in Flint, Michigan was a disaster. For months on end, residents of the city did not have access to drinkable water. This derailed the infrastructure of the city and called for the mass importation of bottled water along with the medical care for everyone afflicted. Additionally, the lead in the water affected nearly 8,000 children, and the entire crisis is expected to cost the city almost $400 million.

Although this event was unique because lead was the contaminant, it still provides a window into what happens when a city loses access to clean water for months on end.

In the next few years, as the effects of climate change are felt more and more, the supply of drinkable water is likely to decrease even as its demand increases. This is a result of increased flooding, increased pollution, and a general rise in global temperatures. Because access to it will decrease, clean water is going to become much more valuable as a resource, and different means of obtaining and filtering fresh water will become increasingly important.

This is why the next report from Dynalect will be on the water purification industry. We’ll be looking at the projected effects of a continuously changing climate, the current companies involved in water purification, research into cutting-edge technologies used in water purification, and ways to monetize the trend towards water purification. Stay tuned to learn all this and more.

See you next week,


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