Investing Strategies for Long-Term Growth

As Warren Buffet once said, “If you aren’t willing to own a stock for ten years, don’t even think about owning it for ten minutes. Put together a portfolio of companies whose aggregate earnings march upward over the years, and so also will the portfolio’s market value.”

Coming from an investor whose name is synonymous with The American Dream, and whose net worth is over $70 billion, his advice to invest with long-term intentions is not to be taken lightly.

There can be great pressure to invest in a company that is popular at time with the intention of selling when it it has reached its “peak price.” However, this strategy rarely works, and when it does, it’s for a small percentage of day traders whose performance comes at the cost of others.

Now I’m not saying that buy and hold is the only good way to invest; all I’m trying to communicate is that short term trading is not as glorious (and certainly much less effective) than it may seem.

That’s why we’re going to be publishing a short report this Wednesday detailing the pros and cons of various types of investing strategies, and recommending several that we think will benefit you the most.

See you next week,


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