Electric Profits: The Future of Energy Storage

Wake up to your alarm; check your phone; change the channel to the morning news on TV; drive to work; sit in on a conference call; drive home; order a Bluetooth speaker online; run on the treadmill; set an alarm for tomorrow and go to sleep. These all have something in common, and it’s not a semicolon. Everything on that list either directly or very closely involves a battery.

Anything that uses electricity and doesn’t spend all of its time plugged into an outlet must have a battery. Battery types can range from small disposable AAA’s to complex units worth thousands of dollars. The diversity in scale, material, and technology used for battery production and research is enormous, and only getting bigger.

Because batteries are raw material-intensive and are crucial to such a variety of consumer and industrial goods, advancements in energy storage technology always has major implications for other industries, including metal extraction and refining, automobiles, renewable energy storage, and consumer electronics.

In this week’s report we’ll discuss the current direction of academic and industrial research into batteries, the recent and expected advancements of battery technology, the current and future accessibility of production materials such as sodium, lithium, and cobalt, and the potential effects of battery development on related industries. Finally, we’ll put together a list of companies that will help you best capitalize on the insights and trends of the battery industry. We invite you to read the report linked below.

Energy Storage Market Report (PDF)

Photo of Chemetall Foote Lithium Operation courtesy of Doc Searls

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